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How to build the perfect Social Media Posting Plan

The greatest social media strategies includes a well-defined posting plan. An organized content calendar with a clear outline.
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Simon Høiberg

CEO & Founder

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We know that Social Media is an incredible way to grow your audience and build a strong brand.

But in order for it to work, you need consistency and direction.

A social media posting plan can help you achieve this.

In this article, we will show you how to build an manage the perfect social media posting plan for your brand.

We will cover:

  • What is a social media posting plan?
  • Why you should build a social media posting plan
  • Tips on how to build your own posting plan
  • Getting started

What is a social media posting plan?

At a basic level, a social media posting plan is a calendar of content categories that you want to post on social media. It outlines which type of content you want to post, how much to post, and when.

For instance, you could decide to post a blog post every Monday, a tip every Tuesday and Thursday and a video every Friday.

You can go into further details and specify different types of tips and different types of blog posts, etc, but the basic idea is that you have a plan for what to post, how often you want to post, and when you want to post.

Why you should build a social media posting plan

There are many benefits to having a social media posting plan.

  • It becomes easier to plan your social media posts
  • It becomes easier to avoid writer's block
  • It becomes easier to keep stay consistent with your posting
  • It becomes easier to create a coherent "theme" in your content
  • It ensures a proper spread of content

Have a plan and stick to it

A great social media posting plan works like any other good plan.

For instance, people that see great results at the gym typically bring a list of exercises to go through.
Instead of just showing up and randomly starting pulling some weights here and there, they know exactly what to do, when to do it, and how often.

They have a plan and they stick to it.
It's the same principle here.


When building a brand on social media, whether it's a personal brand or a business, you need consistency.
It is well-known that it's more important to stay consistent with posting than it is posting high-quality content.

A social media posting plan helps you stay consistent with your writing and helps prevent writers block. It's simply easier to write good content, when you have a clear outline to follow.

Be recognizable

Some of the best performing social media accounts have one thing in common: they are recognizable.
They follow their own unique and recognizable tone of voice, choice of words, and images with a consistent design.

But they also follow a consistent "theme" in their way of posting.
That's because they follow a posting plan behind the scenes. Even if your audience may not discover the exact pattern of your posting, they still get a consistent feel.

Your audience knows what to expect from you.

Tips on how to build your own posting plan

So, now that you're aligned with the idea of a social media posting plan, let's look at how to create one.

Find out what your audience wants

Before creating a posting plan, you need to understand what your audience wants.

It's a good idea to look up 10-20 accounts that are similar in your niche, or similar products/brands in the market - look through their timeline and see what they're posting.

Now that you know about posting plans, you may even be able to discover a pattern in your competitor's posting. Notice which kind of content that works well for them, how often they post particular kinds of content and on which times.

Use this to narrow down what your audience wants.

Find out what you want to/are able to post

When you know what your audience wants, it's time to look at what you want to post, and - more importantly - what you (and your team) have the capability to post.

A lot of content creators and businesses take this too lightly.
But remember - you're planning here.

When you find your "fit" on the social media platforms, it's normal to become overly motivated in the beginning and wanting huge results fast!

But you know how those extreme diets rarely work?
It's the same here! Remember - you're making a plan for sustainable growth.
Nothing good ever comes out of over-comitting, so be realistic about what you or your business can handle.

The perfect social media posting plan

The perfect social media posting plan lie in the intersection of the two above.

When you figure out what your audience wants, and to what extend you are willing and able to meet that demand on a long-term basis, you can create your posting plan.

Creating the plan itself is rather simpel.
Put in post slots across a weekly calendar, and specify which category you want to use for each slot.

Here's is an example of how to do this in FeedHive.
In the above image, the small colored dots are labels which represents a category.

The cool thing about creating a posting plan with FeedHive, is that you can fill it with actual posts by the click of a single button.

Getting started 🚀

Alright! Now that you know what a social media posting plan is, how important it is for your brand, and how to create one, you can start building your own posting plan.

If you're a pen-and-paper kind of person, that's perfectly fine. It's all you need!

However, the easiest way to get started is to sign up for a free account on FeedHive and start creating your posting plan right away!

In this guide, you can learn how to set up a posting plan with FeedHive.