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August & September, 2021 - Product Update ☀️

We released a lot of new features, improvements, and bugfixes in August and September. Let's get an overview of what's new.
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Simon Høiberg

CEO & Founder

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New Features

We now support Facebook and Instagram


Facebook and Instagram is now available to all users on Feedhive 🥳

Both Instagram and Facebook requires a public Facebook Page to be set up.
See how to set up Instagram on FeedHive

Analytics for LinkedIn


You can now see how your content is performing on LinkedIn.
This feature is available for LinkedIn organizations and public pages.

28-day analytics period

28-day-analytics-period-toggle 28-day-analytics-period-followers

You can now (finally) see how your content is performing over the past 28 days.
Of course, you can still see how your content is performing over the past 7 days as well.

Post templates


You can now create, save and reuse your own custom templates.
This feature is available in the Compose page.

Extended calendar events


You can now show extended calendar events on your calendar.
This shows images on the single events as well as an increased time duration for each slot.


You can enable this feature in the Settings page.


LinkedIn character limit

LinkedIn recently increased their maximum character limit on posts to 3,000. We updated FeedHive's publisher to support this change.

Bugfixes and improvements


  • Optional publish notifications
  • Added ability to delete account
  • Collapsable menu
  • Smoother switch between workspaces
  • Improved select-input for timezones
  • Ability to mention LinkedIn Organizations


  • Timezone related issues.
  • Issue with slots getting filled twice
  • Labels not updating after edit
  • Preview not updating on image upload


  • Invite team member to workspaces
  • Add conditions to subtweets (plug feature)
  • Analytics for Instagram & Facebook
  • Integrations with YouTube and TikTok
  • AI powered quality-score for posts

Stay tuned 🚀